Title: How Linux C++ Debuggers Really Work

Debugging is central to programming. You cannot be a good programmer without being good at debugging and vice-versa. And I would also say you cannot be good at debugging without taking advantage of the tools at your disposal. …

If a program overwrites its own program counter register, it is almost impossible to recover using a conventional debugger — without the program counter, the debugger cannot figure out which function the program was running, and so cannot even give any useful information about what is on the stack or…

Debug different with UDB for C/ C++

What do we know about debugging? Most of us know it’s painful, stressful and takes up too much of our time when we just want to build things.

We also know it is becoming increasingly harder for developers to debug software due to complex orchestrations and architectures that make understanding…

Last time we looked at user-defined commands in the GDB command-line. In this GDB tutorial, we look at writing our user-defined functions in Python.

In this tutorial, Greg Law shows you how to write user-defined GDB commands in Python.

The advantage of creating user-defined commands in Python is that you…

Developers can now use LiveRecorder to record, replay and reverse-debug Java applications seamlessly in IntelliJ IDEA.

Software Failure Replay — record and replay debugging

Today we are excited to share the launch of LiveRecorder for Java with you!

LiveRecorder for Java is a transformational set of developer productivity tools, that enable Java developers to resolve bugs much faster than before.

In this GDB tutorial, we’re going to look at user-defined commands.

There are various reasons you might want to work with user-defined commands; but one of the most prominent is that we want to be productive. …

The explosion of Agile development and DevOps practices has resulted in more frequent testing to enable faster and continuous delivery of software applications. That’s the theory anyway.

A study carried out recently by a Cambridge Judge Business School MBA project reveals that while the adoption of continuous integration is on…

If you use Microsoft Visual Studio for your coding, then Visual Studio can debug on Linux using Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) and GDB.

The WSL lets you run a GNU/Linux environment, including most command-line tools, utilities, and applications, directly on Windows, unmodified, without the overhead of a virtual machine.

For this GDB tutorial, I invited my good friend Phil Nash to show CLion’s less known GDB command features. Phil is a developer at JetBrains.

CLion is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for C and C++. GDB and LLDB fully integrate with CLion. You may not even know that…

We are massively excited to share that LiveRecorder for Java now has an early access beta program. LiveRecorder for Java supports the recording, replaying and reverse debugging of Java applications.

From day one, it’s been our product philosophy to focus on making LiveRecorder something that empowers developers to resolve…

Undo Bytes

LiveRecorder is an enterprise software failure replay platform. We help developers Record, Replay & Resolve bugs & accelerate MTTR. https://undo.io

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