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2 min readMay 7, 2020


We are massively excited to share that LiveRecorder for Java now has an early access beta program. LiveRecorder for Java supports the recording, replaying and reverse debugging of Java applications.

From day one, it’s been our product philosophy to focus on making LiveRecorder something that empowers developers to resolve software failures faster more easily. Armed with your feedback and our experience we aim to transform the 30+ year-old paradigm of how we detect and resolve software errors.

To achieve that, we’re committed to releasing early access versions of our products. This enables us to stay in tune with developers, get valuable feedback and to understand their workflows, as part of continuously improving the product. We are looking for collaborators who will provide deep and honest feedback.

To be eligible for this closed beta, participants must meet the following requirements:

  • Have a desire to reduce Mean Time To Resolution (MTTR) of software defects, or a need to fix flakey/ intermittent/ sporadic tests in CI
  • Java application or service running on OpenJDK or Oracle JVM on a supported x86_64 Linux distro.
  • IntelliJ IDE on Linux, macOS or Windows.
  • Not embedded Linux.

If this sounds like you and your team, you can learn more about the LiveRecorder for Java beta early access and request an invite to join us now.

Get in on the Java beta Program

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